Yeah so, my husband is pretty sick.

I’m pretty sure the entire SCA knows at this point, but THL Gieffrei was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer this summer known as Neuroendocrine tumor (NET). It is metastatic.

We are doing our best to get it under control, and he has been transferred to a major cancer center here in Trimaris for his best odds, and so far, so good.

As a result, we will probably not be showing up at any major events anytime soon, not that folks have been asking or anything. With the new lack of COVID Protocols thanks to a BOD who is more eager to get back to “normal” than protect their club members, we’d prefer to not be around germ vectors. We are considering culling a lot of our supplies, including more garb (after I parted with quite a bit last year before I moved), and maybe some camping equipment. We just don’t see the point anymore if we aren’t active enough to use it all. It takes up space.

I’ve also started to reduce my engagement in social media. After getting banned from Facebook became my Stupid Peer Trick, getting banned from Twitter followed after anti-intellectuals enjoying hating historians on that platform went after my account, I realized that it’s best that my attention stay elsewhere, anyway.

One thought on “Yeah so, my husband is pretty sick.

  1. RL comes before playing any games. As a cancer survivor I can tell you, you prioritize things in life very differently. It is a very difficult and varied journey you and your husband do now. Only give up those things you can bear to live without. Don’t make any rash decisions just now. Prioritize each other and live one day at a time, one foot in front of the other. Hugs for you both. 💕

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