Silk Banners

Welcome to Byzanbanners! The blingiest bits of silk this side of Constantinople!

Current status:


I am closed for orders for the foreseeable future. Backlog + COVID + supply delays from Dharma + military move this fall = no fall run.

I will reassess this madness after the Holidays.

Be well!



Here’s the pertinent info:

I am a one-woman show. My husband helps me set up and break down my frame. That’s about it. I only allow up to 6 banners a month, maximum, for my own sanity. Sometimes I can kick them out faster than others, but on average, they take me a full day’s work to complete, including backache breaks. 8-12 hours goes into each large banner!

I currently live in Florida. This can result in interesting drying results, but I’m currently working on how to fight the streaks. I’ve forfeited having a dining room entirely for the frame setup because working outside is just out of the question. Understand also that it’s near impossible to not have some mistakes and bleeding with this medium, though from a flag pole, nobody will notice. Allergy warning: I have a floofy cat. He tends to avoid the silk frame, and I vacuum and sweep like a crazy person, but I can’t guarantee it to be dander-free.

The most common banner size I make is approximately 22″x90″ on 8mm habotai. There are other sizes and materials available. Please note that silk is a natural fiber, and because of that, it does shrink, and the blanks can be off by a few inches. I recommend heavier materials if you’re going to be in a lot of wind. After painting, the banner must be allowed to cure for a week, after which it is heat-set with the dryer, and finished with twill tape ties on the hoist unless requested otherwise.

Current Prices for common blank sizes:
(Please note that the recent tariffs enacted by the US Government on goods from China have effected the prices of raw materials by a lot. I cannot control this, Sorry!)

22″x90″ (7.5 feet long) = $200
22″x72″ (6 feet long) = $150
30″x30″ = $100
Shipping is typically very cheap since the banners are ultra-light. I can fit several in a flat-rate box.
Prices adjust from that for larger/smaller sizes. Super intricate designs will have an upcharge, like my crazy mantle below.




If you are interested in a commission, please send me an email to syrakousina (at), and I’ll see what I can do for you. If you agree to having me work for you, I will ask for a deposit (or full payment, if less than 2 months out from turnaround), and you are added to the list. Buyer is required to provide all artwork, I really don’t like going onto OSCAR and the OandA for wild heraldry hunts.

Here is a gallery of my recent completed work: