I thought this would be a unique way to connect myself to my persona, so I’ve taught how to paint (or write) icons myself entirely from tutorials on the web. The method I use is from the Prosopon School. I’ve moved on from beginner materials, and am now treating my own panels with gesso, or purchasing them from Pandora Iconography Supplies. The medium is egg tempera, so I use dry pigments in an egg yolk and wine base, and metal leaf, which are the same materials that have been in use since period.

Please check out my tag page at https://annasrome.com/tag/iconography/ to read more in depth about each piece. These are just progress and finished shots of what I have done so far in chronological order from newest to oldest.

Also, follow my most recent “Icon-a-long” with the commission for St. Martin of Tours at: https://annasrome.com/?s=icon-a-long

I do accept commissions. Scrolls need to be ordered at least 3 months in advance, and I prefer to not do my own calligraphy. Serious inquiries can be sent to syrakousina(at)gmail.com.

St. Martin of Tours: May 2018 (bottom of the gallery)
St. Gabriel the Archangel: March 2016
St. Anna and The Virgin Mary: March 2015
St. Lucia of Syracuse: February 2015
Kenric of Blessed Memory, Former King of the East: March 2014
Virgin Mary: November 2013
Archangel Michael: September 2013

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