You can contact Anna/Angela at the following email address:

syrakousina[at] The @ sign is removed to control spam content.

My Facebook is private, but I have most of the East Kingdom as friends so there’s a good chance you may be able to find me, if you haven’t already. However, I do post a lot of mundane drivel on my page, so, if you’d like to add me simply for SCA purposes, please go to my persona page at

Also check out my Facebook group, “SCA Byzanteam“.

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I enjoyed your blog, Anna’s Rome (Anachronistic and Impulsive). I am working on a book-blog of my own, which can be seen at [one word], then clicking on either the “sample chapter” or “blog” buttons at the top. My Rube Goldberg contraption of a brain processes the world with an odd, well-caffeinated kind of logic: Why is there an inverse proportion between the size of the print and the importance of the message? History. Literature. Art. Science. Religion. I call this eccentric thinking the Theory of Irony and if your busy schedule permits, give a read, leave a comment or create a link. In any event, best of luck with your own endeavor.

    P.S. It deals with Classical, Medieval and Modern eras.

  2. ☧ From one fellow Romaios to another.

    I may have some questions to ask you in the future.

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