Break time.

As of this point, I am taking a step back from the SCA for a duration of time yet to be determined. I will still show up at some events, but current politics, coupled with exhaustion due to drama and other issues has driven me out.

I am happy to continue to field questions and will be actively monitoring my site until I feel fit to return to my research for the society’s purpose. Until then, I am going to be focusing on my mundane research for upcoming conferences, and consider moving forward with my PhD.

3 thoughts on “Break time.

  1. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I too have stepped back a bit after my last divorce and part of it is I simply don’t have the time and part of it is the connections with my ex and the politics. It’s a double edged sword in the best of times. I hope you continue to at least post from time to time since I know personally, it’s hard to just put aside all that interest and research. (((hugs)))

  2. I hope to see you continue to blog as a creative outlet. I love reading your posts. sometimes you need to take a step back to breath and smell the roses.

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