An amazing event in the East…

This coming September, the East Kingdom is holding “Artifacts of a Life”. An event focused on crafting and displaying artifacts of your persona as if they would be found today. I’m STOKED. So many ideas!

Being that I’m 11th Century Byzantine, there isn’t a of material culture left, thanks to those SAVAGE BARBARIAN LATINS who sacked the Glorious Queenly City of Constantinople in 1204. So, I need to really think hard and outside of the box to pull this off successfully. I’m focusing on the idea that they should be artifacts, mere remnants of a material culture, rather than full extant pieces. Not sure if it’s a good idea, but, we’ll see.

Obviously right now my life is focused on my academic work in the real life, but I think this will be a really creative, fun event to attend, and it’s in the barony next door. Even better.

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