Anachronistic and Impulsive needs your help!

I was going to make a lovely post this morning on my experiences at Costume College, but WordPress is making it difficult.

I hate peddling, but the husband and I are catching up on some unexpected financials from this year (namely my emergency wisdom teeth extractions not fully covered by insurance, and some car issues back in the spring that nuked our savings, and we’re still trying to catch up.) My website is due for renewal, and I don’t have the money that WordPress is asking. Because of the traffic that receives, plus the domain and ad-free modifications that I maintain for it, my renewal is not cheap.

I do my best to ensure that the site stays free for my users. I want my information to be free to researchers, and I want to be able to provide the best content possible for re-enactors, SCAdians, and others. To do this, I need help.
There is a donate button on the right side of my page. You don’t have to give a lot, but anything to help off-set the cost of maintaining the site would mean a great deal. I have a stock of new material I’m getting ready to post, but I need a place to post it.
Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the new blog!

Same as the old blog…kinda.

All the content is the same, but I’ve moved it from to for several reasons.

1: WordPress has more to work with.
2: gets practically no search engine exposure, no matter how much you SEO the thing.
3: has NO customer service. None. No technical support, and they barely update their own sites. I purchased a domain through them for my author blog, now at, and I accidentally let it expire. When I renewed it, the domain did not get re-attached to my blog. So, after trying to fix this, I contacted their tech support, and got no answer. For weeks now. I sent them a tweet . I posted on their Facebook. Nothing. They provide no emails for anything, and come to find out, my domain is locked, and registered to a company in Germany, and I cannot unlock it to transfer it. So I’m out $18, and relatively pissed that neither of my sites were getting traffic anyway.
4: Ads. Ugh.

Therefore, I am now on WordPress. I have no idea why I even bothered with other than to try something new. Please stay away from them. WordPress is the superior platform for these types of sites.