Wait…was that…rearranging? Wait, HITTITE?!?!?!

You may have noticed some shuffling above in the menu area.

I’m pleased to share the first iteration of my research into the recreation of Hittite women’s dress! Visit the Clothing: Hittite Page above to learn more!

A quick favor to ask…

So I’m currently in the lead over at Fabrics-store.com’s Reenactment and Costume Contest, which is sort of funny, because I had to get my arm twisted to enter anyway. It’s even funnier than it’s our Norman garb, but I digress, I could use some votes to stay on top!

It’s simple! Just make an account (free!) and vote once every 24 hours for the next 2 days. The store doesn’t spam you with emails, and you can toggle that once you have an account. I would also appreciate a share or two on social media if you can spare the milliseconds and bandwidth.

The link is here:

And this is our hotness: