Happy New Year!

I’m hanging out down in Trimaris for a while to beat the winter up north. All sorts of new wonderful Byzantine and Roman goodies coming soon after the new year!

So it’s been like a month since my last post…


Anyways, the boozes did well at Great Northeastern War. My conditum paradoxum and rose-lavender cordial were paneled and both scored relatively well for my first foray into the guild scene. My mead and cordial both one best in their division. There was only one cordial, but…hey, there were 8 meads. That counts for something.

Nobody showed up to my Roman garb class except for my friend Elinor Strangewayes (see also: woman who makes Roman phallus beads,) but my Varangian Guard class had a good group, even though I didn’t prep a good lecture, we sat there and talked for an hour and I spewed what I could from the top of my head. They loved the extensive biblio I put onto my handout. I think I will be posting that in the future.

The Byzantine garb page is almost finished, I hope to get that up in a day or so. I basically copy-pasta’d my handout, but I’ll also be adding more stuff. Since my persona is 11th Century, I need to focus on finding more information about that more rather than the generic “Throw clavii on a tunica and call it Byzantine” look. At least there’s lots of fun vocabulary to learn, right? @_@

I am also going to be playing with some Norman garb for upcoming events this fall and winter. The boyfriend is Norman, and technically so is half of my persona, so I get to wear Western European garb for the first time. Ever. I don’t count my Viking, that’s Northern. 😛

Oh, and a gallery, must put up a gallery!


Please help my IndieGogo Campaign!

I normally wouldn’t post such things here, but, as some of you know, I am a published author, and I used a Kickstarter 2 years ago to get my book off of the ground. This year, I am using Indiegogo, which is another platform, to crowdfund my endeavors.

This isn’t just about my book this time. My sewing room is in major needs of upgrades since I basically live off of my sewing in the summer months because during the semesters, I don’t have time for a full-time job if I intend to stay a full-time student. I make basic garb over the summer by commission for people who are going to Pennsic and the like. Good linen garb, and I occasionally take more involved work on. This is not my career, this is not what I intend to do for the rest of my life, but it does help me pay the bills. If anyone is interested in what I do, feel free to email me at syrakousina@gmail.com.

Here is the link to my IndieGogo. If you cannot contribute, please pass it along! The more exposure, the better.

Thanks everyone!


Welcome to the new blog!

Same as the old blog…kinda.

All the content is the same, but I’ve moved it from Blog.com to WordPress.com for several reasons.

1: WordPress has more to work with.
2: Blog.com gets practically no search engine exposure, no matter how much you SEO the thing.
3: Blog.com has NO customer service. None. No technical support, and they barely update their own sites. I purchased a domain through them for my author blog, now at http://ofsummerandwinter.wordpress.com, and I accidentally let it expire. When I renewed it, the domain did not get re-attached to my blog. So, after trying to fix this, I contacted their tech support, and got no answer. For weeks now. I sent them a tweet . I posted on their Facebook. Nothing. They provide no emails for anything, and come to find out, my domain is locked, and registered to a company in Germany, and I cannot unlock it to transfer it. So I’m out $18, and relatively pissed that neither of my sites were getting traffic anyway.
4: Ads. Ugh.

Therefore, I am now on WordPress. I have no idea why I even bothered with Blog.com other than to try something new. Please stay away from them. WordPress is the superior platform for these types of sites.