The New Knowne World Podcast

Coming soon! A podcast devoted to topics in the SCA beyond the confines of Scandinavia and Western Europe. I’ll be on the lookout for guests pertaining to topics outside of the traditional “High Middle Ages”:  Bronze Age and Ancient cultures, African, Asian, Near Eastern, Iberian, and under-represented Eastern European cultures, as well as the American empires and colonies.

This will be an unofficial outlet of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and therefore, the views stated within the podcast are not those sponsored by the Society. As an educational program, the goal will be to foster a more diverse and inclusive living history experience by discussing non-Western European pre-17th Century lands, peoples, and traditions in a respectful, but thorough manner that may include religion, politics, war, gender, and sexuality within the construct of these cultures.

My goal is to build a full season before releasing it on the web. So if you have content you’d like to contribute, please email me at syrakousina (at), and I can get you on the list of prospective podcast guests!