I do accept commissioned work in my various art forms! For serious inquiries, please email me at syrakousina (at)



I used to sew almost full-time for income, but the stress and workload became too much, and I realized my quality was suffering for it. I am happy to discuss commissioned sewing work for Greek, Roman, and Byzantine clothing only at this time. I am happy to provide a consultation for your own project for free, including pattern advice and pointers on where to shop.

My current rates are $25/hr, plus material cost. My average plain linen tunic costs about $60, a full 2 layer, heavily trimmed Byzantine set can cost upwards of $500-$1000 depending on materials. I refuse to work in polyester or other synthetics to make it “cheaper”. You will hate me for it in the long run, trust me.



Icon commissions are accepted. Please understand that these take months, and scroll requests need to be to me at least 3 months before the date of presentation to allow for full varnishing. I prefer to not do my own calligraphy, either, so keep that in mind as well if this is going to be an award.  I do use period pigments and materials, so the cost can be rather high in addition to the amount of time that has to go into them. Most icons start around $200, with the average at $400. Scrolls I do for a donation in the cost of the panel  as long as I receive confirmation from the kingdom’s signet that it is in fact, a scroll, and not a personal purchase.


My price for a 7 1/2′ banner is $150. Full color. I can go smaller, or as large as 45″x90″ at the largest my frame can take. Price is determined by banner size, not so much work load unless it’s a highly technical design, like my mantle.




I am not taking commissions for jewelry at this time, until I’m better at what I do. Because of the nature of my husband’s job, it’s super hard for us to be able to provide turnaround times. Thank you for asking. 🙂