Duke Kenric Missing, Presumed Lost/Disparition de Duc Kenric

A dark, sad day for the East.

East Kingdom Gazette

En français

On the afternoon of Friday January 12, Duke Kenric disappeared while kayaking off the coast of his hometown in Rhode Island. An extensive search was conducted by local law enforcement and the Coast Guard. At noon today, the authorities changed the nature of the search from one of rescue to one of recovery. This generally means that they no longer have an expectation of finding him alive.

Duke Kenric is a pillar of our community and it is understandable that many in the East will want to share their memories of Kenric with others. Comments are open on this post in order to provide a space for these. A GoFundMe campaign has been established for those who want to provide financial support to Duchess Avelina and their daughter during this difficult time.

En français

Au courant de l’après-midi du vendredi 12 janvier, duc Kenric a été porté disparu…

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